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Insurance is not being accepted for any of the groups identified below...

Anxiety Reduction Group For Teens-Accepting new Referrals Now-This is an eight-week group which is intended to help teens who may be suffering from anxiety to gain valuable skills which will help to reduce negative symptoms.  This group will provide knowledge to help individuals feel more confident in how they can manage and reduce anxiety.  Upon completion of the six weeks, individuals will have a much better plan for being on the offense rather than the defense and will be ready to attack back.  Charge for the group is $50 per session, ($400 for all 8 sessions), if paid in full on or before the group start date, charge is reduced by 10% for all eight sessions. Contact us using our identified method below and write the group name in the notes section.

Anger Management Group-Accepting new Referrals Now-This is an eight-week group intended to help members better understand what cues and triggers anger as well as how to more effectively manage anger.  This group will be interactive.  Members will also engage in assertiveness training and learn better ways to resolve a conflict.  This will be a closed group, so once it begins, no new members will join until it starts again.  The cost will be $50 per session (which includes materials) a total of $400, if this group is paid in full by the start of the group the charge is reduced by 10%.  Contact us using our identified method below and write the group name in the notes section. 

Emotional Support and Regulation Group-Accepting New Referrals Now-This is a twelve-week group being offered for both adults and teens (separate groups).  This is a support group that offers information that’s practical, constructive, and provides the benefit of encouragement and new coping skills through shared experiences. Given holistic expectations, the group will process the response to stress in all aspects of daily living through a variety of topics.  The cost of this group will be $40 per group, , $480 for all sessions, if paid up front, by the start of the group, the cost can be reduced by 10%. 

Men's Group (18 y.o. and older)-This is a new group which has not run before, however, seems to be one that many men have voiced as helpful.  It is thought that this group will be a support group which will cover issues that are important and at times difficult for men to address.  The cost for this group is $40 per session.  There is no time frame or specified number of weeks and will be an open group, meaning that new men may join at any time.  Some topics that may be addressed could be communication, parenting, dating, pornography, self-esteem and others as indicated.  If interested, please contact us using our identified method below and write the group name in the notes section.  

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