Be positive!

In light of the uncertainty we are being faced with each day, there can be an increased sense of fear and anxiety, a feeling of being unsure or unsafe.  Find the courage to look deep inside for the logical and rational truth which can be used to combat the fear, the lies and the distortions.  Find comfort in knowing you are not alone, cling to those who are your support, reach out for what you need; a hug, a laugh, a warm shower.  Take a deep breath and know you will get through this and be stronger as a result.  Do one thing at a time and find the positive!

4/20/2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Times of uncertainty can raise levels of fear, worry and anxiety.  Have you found yourself tuning into social media as well as watching local or national news only to feel more anxious and worried?  How about wondering when this quarantine or 'Stay at home order' may last?  It is normal to feel more worry yet it is important to find the strength to not give into the worry and allow the anxiety to take over.  It is important to acknowledge your emotions yet taking charge and acting opposite to what the emotions may want you to do.  Find balance in how much news is watched or listened to, find reputable and reliable sources for information and also identify what is in your control versus what is out of your control.  If it is hard to find balance or to manage the anxiety, worry, fear or depression...develop a safety plan.  Think of your safety plan as the steps you would take in times of crisis, specifically.  Then create a positive Mantra which you can say to yourself over and over.  Identify your level of emotion before creating your safety plan and then again once the safety plan is completed and you have reminded yourself of the Mantra.  Then re-evaluate the safety plan each week.  Take charge and be safe.

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